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Please note the following events we are holding:-

  • The next Clerks’ Briefing has been scheduled for Tuesday, 8  January 2019 at 5pm – at New Rickstones Academy in Witham

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2018 Autumn Term Briefings for Clerks

2018 Draft Autumn Term GB agenda

2018 Autumn Term Clerks Briefing Information Update

ECA Clerks Briefing Autumn Term 2018 (PowerPoint Presentation)

Governor Consent Form Template Sept 2018 (click on Design / Watermark / Remove – to remove watermark)

Safeguarding checklist for Governors & Trustees Sept 2018

2018 Autumn Term changes to guidance on academies online compliance (this includes guidance for Maintained Schools)

Good Estate Management for Schools

DfE A Guide to apprenticeships for the School Workforce

DfE Careers Guidance and Access for Education and Training Providers: Statutory guidance for governing bodies, school leaders and school staff

DfE Understanding your data: a guide for school governors and academy trustees

EFSA Land & Buildings Collection Tool 

DfE Data Protection Toolkit

SEND Governance – A Review Guide

Primary School Accountability

School Workforce Planning

Sexual Violence and sexual harassment between children in schools and colleges

Approaches to preventing and tackling bullying

Ofsted Inspection Handbook – July 2018

Ofsted School Inspection Update – July 2018

Inspecting Safeguarding in Early Years – September 2018

Keeping Children Safe in Education – September 2018

Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018

Keeping Pupils and Staff Safe – Autumn 2018

Academies Planning Calendar

Risk protection arrangement RPA for academy trusts membership rules September 2018

DfE GCSE Parent factsheet FINAL

2018 End of Term Celebration/Briefings for Clerks

DfE Approaches to preventing and tackling bullying – case studies

Ofsted School Inspection Handbook Section 8 – July 2018

Ofsted School inspection update July 2018

DfE Guide to Apprenticeships for the School Workforce July 2018

MAT Development Programme 2018 resource

Fundamentals of Good Estate Management

Funding for Breakfast Clubs

What maintained schools must publish online – May 2018 update

What academies, free schools and colleges should publish online – May 2018 update

DfE Understanding your data – a guide for school governors and academy trustees

SEND Review Guide For Governors & Trustees

NGA Spotlight on Disadvantage

Keeping Children Safe in Education – September 2018

Academies Financial_Handbook_2018

Academies Accounts Direction 2017 to 2018

Letter from Lord Agnew to academy trust auditors – June 2018

2018 Summer Term Briefings for Clerks

ECA Briefing Draft 2018 Summer Term Agenda AV

ECA Briefing Notes for Summer Term 2018 Presentation

ECA Briefing Summer Term 2018 Information Update


Being Strrategic – A guide for governing boards



The Designated teacher for looked after and previous looked after children Guidance

Eligibility for Free School Meals, the Early Years Premium and the free early educartion entitilement for 2yr olds

GCSE Information for Parents


NGA Taking Headteacher Appraisal Seriously

Ofsted School Inspection Update v13

What’s changed in the Ofsted Handbook

Ofsted School Inspections – a guide for parents




Child Protection Policy MODEL April 2018

ECA Briefing Notes for Summer Term 2018 Presentation

The Right People Around the Table

2018 Spring Term Briefings for Clerks

2017 Autumn Term Briefings for Clerks

2017 Summer Term Briefings for Clerks

2017 Spring Term Briefings for Clerks

2016 Autumn Term Briefings for Clerks

1_Autumn Term 2016 Clerks’ Briefing agenda_final

1_Autumn Term Briefing Notes

2_Draft autumn term agenda business meeting only WITH NOTES

2b_Academies draft agenda – Business Meeting only

2c_Academies draft agenda – 2nd Autumn term meeting

2d_Draft autumn term agenda with business meeting

3_Model GB Year Planner updated 2016

4_Model Gifts and Hospitality Policy 2016

5_Model Receipt of Gifts and Hospitality Register

6_Model Business Interest Register for Staff Members

7_Model Reference Form for Governor-Trustee 2016


9_Model_Standing_Orders_for Single_Academy_March15v4updated2016


11_Model _SchemeofDelegation_SAT_2016


12_Code of Conduct revised Sept 2016



15_Academies draft agenda – Business Meeting only-1

16_Academies draft agenda – 2nd Autumn term meeting-1

17_Admissions – briefing paper

17a_National database for governors – briefing

18_HT Recruitment in Maintained Schools – LA advice

19_KCSiE September 2016 – briefing note

20_Section 128 check section

21_Ofsted Inspection Handbook Update August 2016

22_ ‘coasting’ definition

23_Provide advice to the governing body

24_PSC register – briefing note

25_Academies Financial Handbook 2016 – briefing

26_Aacademy Accounts Direction 2016 briefing note

27_What questions should be considered when joining or forming a MAT

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