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Please note the following events we are holding:-

  • The next Clerks’ Briefings  have been scheduled for Tuesday, 10 September 2019 at 5pm – at King John School, Benfleet – or Wednesday, 11 September 2019 at 5pm – at Passmores Academy, Harlow  – both events contain the same content

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2019 2nd Summer Term Briefings for Clerks

2019 Summer Term Briefings for Clerks

The Right People Around the Table 2nd version NGA

Succession Planning – Preparing Your Board for the Future NGA 2019

School Food in England Advice for Governing Boards

Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education DRAFT guidance

NGA Time to Chair a MAT

NCW Careers in Schools for Governors

Navigating the Educational Moral Maze ELC Report

Indicators for Potential Fraud A generic checklist for education providers

Implementing your school’s approach to pay Revised March 2019

Governance Handbook 2019

Final Peer Review Report Essex Exclusions

Fair access to schools – the impact of the appeals and waiting list system EPI

EEF Guide for School Governors and Trustees

ECA Clerks Briefing 2019 Summer Term Presentation

ECA Briefing DRAFT GB 2019 Summer Term agenda template

ECA 2019 Summer Term Briefing Information Update

Academies Account Directions 2018 to 2019

These are the links for other publications mentioned at the briefing

Complaints Procedures – best practice guidance
Supporting governing boards and trustees: reducing teacher workload
No deal preparations for Brexit for schools in England
Multiplication tables check
Deals for schools
Guides on admission appeals for school places
School resource management Self-Assessment Tool

2019 Spring Term Briefings for Clerks

2018 Autumn Term Briefings for Clerks

2018 End of Term Celebration/Briefings for Clerks

2018 Summer Term Briefings for Clerks

2018 Spring Term Briefings for Clerks

2017 Autumn Term Briefings for Clerks







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